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Effective Email Marketing with a Constant Contact Partner & Solution Provider

WavesYou're a busy business owner and you'd love to write an Email Newsletter, create surveys, write a blog, increase your website's rank, do all the social media stuff you know you need, but you just don't have all that extra time to do that. And, you can't hire a full-time Marketing Manager either. That's where we come in!

We start with a brainstorming session to determine your objectives and come up with a targeted campaign. We will set up your Email Newsletter template, assist with expert copywriting, keep up with your posts and create an E-marketing strategy to fit your needs, all for a reasonable consultant fee. No hidden or surprise costs. Just results.

Looking for a more traditional marketing approach? Our experts can do that too. From corporate identity and logo design to creating your own e-commerce web platform, we are ready to assist.

Take a look at some of the Email Newsletters we've created using Constant Contact:

Travel Agency Newsletter

Commercial Plant Service Newsletter

Reflexology Conference Announcement

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