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Partial Portfolio of Website Design Work

ETN logo naturopathic
Echo The Natives Dr Maria Cartwright ND
tango reflexology
Tango on Broadway The Reflexology Association of California
reflexology website real estate
Bending Blade Healing Arts Realtor Ariana K Thaxter Custom Website

The Bending Blade, Echo the Natives & Tango on Broadway websites were built using a Weebly template. A lot of work still goes into creating a unique look with a template. Many of the photographs had to be enhanced and resized using PhotoShop. The other websites were done from scratch, with html & css & javascript, just like this one.

How much does a website cost?

Pricing depends on a lot of factors, but a starter website does not need to be expensive. With Aleya Marketing you are working directly with a freelance designer, so you don't pay high agency costs and still get an experienced and skilled designer. Our knowledge encompasses marketing, SEO, high-quality graphic design and excellent copywriting. Contact me for a free consultation so I can then get you a proposal. I'll help you find the best design, write your targeted message and ensure the best SEO, all at an affordable price and no maintenance fees.